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The effectiveness of AI systems for assessment and tutoring

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Pearson Intelligence Unleashed FINAL

What the Research Says: The World Economic Forum Report 25 September 2015

What the Research Says

2013 iPads in the Classroom

Mobile Devices turn our World into a Learning Place

Should children use ipads?

Nesta commissioned report: Decoding Learning – finds proof of technology supporting effective learning, emerging technologies that show promise of impact, and exciting teacher practice that displays the potential for effective digital education.

Learner Generated Contexts: a framework to support the effective use of technology to
support learning.


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What the Research Says:…


January 2013: iPads in the classroom

March 2013: The potential of big data and learning analytics


30 March 21012 Learning with Technology – What the Research says

27 April 2012 What the Research Says: Computing in schools

July 20th 2012:Using smart techniques

November 2012: Collaborative Learning About Technology

November 2012: Education Hackday



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